Our Current Projects

Education - Since 2005, Ninos Tres Rios has been working to give the gift of education to the children of El Salvador. N3R provides support to families who are willing to encourage their children and help them get an education.

Medical Supplies - Some rural families cannot afford medical help or simply cannot get to the doctor when they need to. Ninos Tres Rios helps plan rides to and from the hospital for those with illnesses that need immediate attention. Simple supplies like Band-Aids, Neosporin, crutches, and wheelchairs are very important to helping the people stay in good health.

Bath Houses - Since plumbing and sewage is an issue in rural villages, N3R has focused on building bath houses for families to use. This makes their living spaces more sanitary, which, in turn, improves the general health of the families. Ninos Tres Rios also teaches the villagers how to build these bath houses themselves, and in a cost-effective manner.