About Ninos Tres Rios

Ninos Tres Rios is a non-profit charitable organization acting as an 'enabler' of community based volunteer groups that seek to develop and attitude of consistent year-on-year education of all children, and the inclusion of disabled children into the community.

We currently provide education and disabilities assistance in 12 indigenous subsistence communities near Nahuizalco, El Salvador. Our typical child comes from a large family having an income of less than $3 per day. In an environment where the family cannot support an education for every child, unfortunate choices are made. An eldest son often has priority, while a daughter may be left to work in the home. Education of a disabled child is rare, and schools are not accustomed to teaching disabled children. We seek to promote a complete education for all children.

Success in school is often tied to a student's health. When necessary, we assist with student medical costs, such as doctor visits, prescribed medicine, eye glasses, vitamins and food supplements. Ninos Tres Rios disabilities funds are used to assist the often-neglected disabled children with medical examinations, medications, physical therapy and other measures to get them healthy, mobile and, where possible, into school.

Ninos Tres Rios conducts its business as a self-funded group of volunteers that cover our own operating costs. No members of Ninos Tres Rios receive compensation, monetary or otherwise, thereby delivering a maximum of the contributions we receive directly into the activities we support.

Our Mission Statement

To operate as a charitable organization of volunteers providing monetary and other assistance to children in impoverished indigenous communities for the purpose of education and disabilities needs, and to do so in a manner that nurtures local commitment to the importance of a consistent and complete education for all children in the communities we serve.